Men's 5.ZERØGRAND WRK Sneaker

Men's 5.ZERØGRAND WRK Sneaker



    • -为理想鞋款和格调而打造:鞋面采用多种材料,平衡了舒适感和格调。
    • Grand 360 EVA中底,搭配Zerogrand 5.0 菱形设计,可提升柔韧性,而起缓震作用的脚下泡沫复合材料带来更柔软的脚感。
    • 柔软有弹性的沿条材料,加上沿条镂空,提升柔韧性。
    • 全鞋长的橡胶设计,使中底弯曲凹槽可以自动移动,平衡了抓地力和柔韧性
EVA footbed cushions every step.
  • Grand 360 EVA midsole.
  • ZERØGRAND 5.0 diamond shaped design allows for greater flexibility while the cushioned underfoot foam compound provides a softer step.
  • Soft and flexible welt material combined with welt cutout for additional flexibility.
  • Full length rubber midsole flex grooves designed to keep your foot moving freely.

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